“Sixteen-year-old D.J. awakens from a coma with no memory of who he is or what happened to him. All he knows is that he was severely beaten and his face is disfigured. D.J.’s grandmother places an unearthly stone necklace around his neck and he begins to recover at a rapid pace. When D.J. has visions about a boy named Jeff and his friend Tim, he starts to piece together the events that landed him in the hospital.

The Stone Gift is a tale about standing strong in the face of gang violence while embracing friendship, love, family, and even magic, in order to heal.”

About the Author

Deborah Delaronde-Falk

Deborah L. Delaronde-Falk lives in central Manitoba on a cattle ranch along the western shores of Lake Winnipegosis. She honours her Métis heritage by writing and publishing under her maiden name. Deborah’s nine published stories (with the exception of Friendship Bay and The Rabbit’s Race) are historical in setting and focus around Métis protagonists, with story situations that she hopes will convey the way of life of the Métis people in early Canadian history.

The Stone Gift is contemporary in setting and is her tenth book. Deborah is the first recipient of the ‘Beatrice Mosionier Aboriginal Writer of the Year Award’ in 2015 (Manitoba Book Awards).

The Stone Gift


An Indigenous coming-of-age story

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