For the holidays, Kegedonce Press is offering specially-priced book bundles for the poetry lovers on your list!

Kegedonce Press has long had a deep love of poetry. We have published thirty titles by Indigenous poets from the territories known as Canada. For the holiday season we are offering two special book bundles, pairs of poetry books that fit well together, at a special price. The perfect gift for any poetry lover!

This, the second of two bundles, pairs Go Down Odawa Way by D.A. Lockhart with sitting by the rapids by Albert Dumont. Both books are by renowned and prolific Indigenous poets based in Ontario.

Go Down Odawa Way is set in the physical, historical, and cultural spaces that make up the southwestern traditional territory of the Three Fires Confederacy, the region currently inhabited by south-western Ontario and southeastern Michigan. Its poems explore the villages, history, and mythologies of the Odawa, Ojibway, Huron/Wendat, and Pottawatomi nations that were lost to colonization and relocation. Lockhart’s poetry speaks from his traditional Lenape vantage point, capturing the history of a region that predates contemporary borders and namings, and extends that history back past the mere few centuries of European colonization.

Poetry is purpose, renewal and rebirth. sitting by the rapids is all of this and more. It offers insight into the mind of an Indigenous man who lives with severe chronic pain and who found the strength through spirituality and poetry to put a life of alcohol abuse behind him forever. Author Albert Dumont writes of sitting by the rapids: “The ancestors living at the time of European contact had a way with words. Poetry spilled effortlessly from their lips because the spirit of the land guided their words. I take seriously my belief that medicine of extraordinary healing power is found in the verses of a poet who puts words together for the purpose of bringing peace and serenity to people in want of it. The counsels and poetry of a person living with pain are special and more meaningful to an individual in the throes of heartache.”

This special holiday book bundle is available at 50% off until December 31, 2022.

Poetry Book Bundle: Go Down Odawa Way and sitting by the rapids


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