For the holidays, Kegedonce Press is offering a specially-priced bundle of books by NShannacappo for lovers of mythology and the fantastical!

Neal Shannacappo is a multi-talented graphic novelist, author, illustrator and poet. He is Nakawe, originally from the Rolling River First Nation in Manitoba and is currently living, working and playing in Ottawa. Neal was the illustrator of If I Go Missing, written by Brianna Jonnie, which won the 2021 Indigenous Voices Award for Published Graphic Novel.

Through the Eyes of Asunder is Neal’s debut poetry collection. It is a fascinating and eclectic combination of poems that journey from the everyday into worlds of fantasy, myth and legend. At times epic, irreverent, emotional and humourous, Through the Eyes of Asunder follows many journeys through darkness to heroism and hope. Pure and hauntingly beautiful turns of phrase sound out in the voices of angels, monsters and demons, mythic characters, and the sometimes wry, sometimes grieving voice of a man who has journeyed from darkness to light.

The Krillian Key: Salamander Run is Neal’s first solo-written and illustrated graphic novel. It is an epic, explosive adventure story with Indigenous characters and themes. It follows the adventures of the immortal Kyrill, also known as Salamander, who is pursued by warring factions of human/alien hybrids. As Salamander tries to escape his pursuers, secrets are revealed to him about his birth and his mysterious past. The Krillian Key: Salamander Run is a fun, sassy, and fast-paced adventure story.

This special holiday book bundle is available at 50% off until December 31, 2022.

NShannacappo Book Bundle!


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