The Way of Thorn and Thunder Trilogy
By Daniel Heath Justice, author of Why Indigenous Literatures Matter

Beautifully written, intricately crafted, The Way of Thorn and Thunder series is an epic Indigenous fantasy on the scale of Le Guin and Tolkien!

The Everland has been home to the forest-dwelling Kyn and the other Eld-Folk since time began. A deep green world of ancient mystery and sacred shadow. Now the Everland is being torn apart by treachery and the ever-encroaching threat of Humanity and the mad crusade of the Dreydmaster. Tarsa’deshae, the fearless Redthorn Warrior and Wielder and her companions must fight to heal their wounded world. Will their roots hold fast, or will they be lost upon the storm?

Illustrated by Steve Sanderson, based on original sketches and maps by Daniel Heath Justice, The Way of Thorn and Thunder was a groundbreaking work in Indigenous literatures, well ahead of its time. Today, it takes its place amid a welcome groundswell of Indigenous speculative fiction, the first fantasy trilogy by an Indigenous author in North America.

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“Justice has created a fantasy epic so rich in history and so complex with all of its inhabitants and mystery that you’re never going to want The Way of Thorn and Thunder to end. What a treasure for anyone looking for heroes and adventure in a series based on Indigenous philosophy and wisdom.”
—Richard Van Camp, author of Moccasin Square Gardens

“Within these pages Daniel Heath Justice has created a world as complex and detailed as any we live in. It should be no surprise to find this book sandwiched between Stephen Donaldson and J.R.R. Tolkien, and I’m not just talking alphabetically. It’s truly a clever book.”
—Drew Hayden Taylor, author of Chasing Painted Horses

“There is action and adventure aplenty in this epic tale of conflict between Humans and other-worldly Kyn, but there is something deeper as well. Like the magic that imbues his imagined world of spirit-trees and talking beasts, a true sense of wonder and enchantment wells up through Daniel Heath Justice’s words. This is a realm that fantasy fans can immerse themselves in, and return to again and again: a realm that feels at once fresh and new, yet old as the oldest myth.”
—Alison Baird, author of The Hidden World.

Watch Daniel Heath Justice’s video readings from The Way of Thorn and Thunder series on the Kegedonce Press YouTube channel.

About the Author

Daniel Heath Justice

Daniel Heath Justice (Cherokee Nation) is Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Literature and Expressive Culture and Chair of the First Nations Studies Program at the University of British Columbia, unceded Musqueam territory. He is most known for his book Why Indigenous Literatures Matter (2018, Wilfrid Laurier Press). His previous publications include a study of Cherokee literature, Our Fire Survives the Storm: A Cherokee Literary History, along with the Way of Thorn and Thunder series from Kegedonce Press (omnibus edition from the University of New Mexico Press). His most recent publications are Badger, part of the Animal Series from Reaktion Books (UK), and the co-edited Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature.

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The Way of Thorn and Thunder Trilogy


Epic, heroic Indigenous fantasy trilogy on the scale and intricacy of Tolkien! Written by Daniel Heath Justice, author of Why Indigenous Literatures Matter! On sale at $25.00 for all three books (save $13.85)!

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