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    kateriprofileWithout Reservation
    Edited By Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm Co-Published with Huia Publishers, New Zealand.

    "This anthology is a great read in the warmth of the sun, encouraging trickles of sweat to flow and your mind to overdose on the intimacies and loving we yearn for It"

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    The writing in the anthology is overwhelmingly contemporary, although some stories and poems are based on old tales. Ipellie,an Inuit writer based in Ottawa, is one such spinner of tales, including Summit with Sedna, the Mother of Sea Beasts, a story about the coupling of an Inuit shaman and he mythological underwater creature called Sedna. Other stories are thoroughly modern, including 'Year of the Dog', a hilarious and ribald tale about some porno addicts in the contemporary Northwest Territories. The really hot stuff, however, tends to be found in poems.

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