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    DHJ_Author2007Dreyd - The Way of Thorn and Thunder

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    by author: Daniel Heath Justice.

    The Eternity Tree has fallen, and with it falls Sheynadwiin. The forces of Eromar ravage the Everland, and the skies are filled with the smoke and ashes of the burning forests. Those Folk who do not escape into the far mountains and hidden valleys are driven into the broken westlands of Humanity, where Dreydmaster Vald reveals the full vision of his grand ambition, one that will annihilate even the memory of the Kyn and their kind. Never since the Melding have they faced such danger. Will their roots hold fast, or will they be lost upon the storm? Can they find a safe mid dle path on this way of thorn and thunder?

    Daniel Heath Justice wraps up his critically acclaimed trilogy, 'The Way of Thorn and Thunder' with 'Dreyd'.

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    Price: $12.95

    DHJ_Author2007Kynship - The Way of Thorn & Thunde

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    by author: Daniel Heath Justice.

    "I recommend it to readers who like their good and evil well defined but human enough to entertain... unexpected connections between characters, handy glossary and many other details and touches contribute to the story's richness and originality."

    - Lynda Williams, Author, "The Courtesan Prince"

    Price: $12.95

    celu_mother_authorThe Dreamer's Legacy

    by author:Celu Amberstone

    Tasimu is a boy with the strange and perilous ability

    to call down the powers of the Northern Lights.
    Fearing rejection from family and friends, he struggles
    in secret to harness his gift as he searches for answers
    about his mysterious parentage.
    Price: $14.50

    DHJ_Author2007Wyrwood - The Way of Thorn & Thunder
    by author: Daniel Heath Justice.

    "What a treasure for anyone looking for heroes and adventure in a series based on Aboriginal philosophy and wisdom"

    - Richard Van Camp

    Price: $12.95
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